Commonwealth Games: Raising the Bar on Integration

Commonwealth Games: Raising the Bar on Integration

commonwealth gamesSo I was going to post about the second prompt in Meriah Nicholl’s Summer Blog Hop Series Challenge over at With a Little Moxie (which puts me a month behind, lol), but I learned something about the Commonwealth Games that I’d like to talk about first.

I don’t usually watch televised sports, and in recent years that come to include the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games and any other…

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With a Little Moxie Summer Blog Hop: My Connection With Disability

With a Little Moxie Summer Blog Hop: My Connection With Disability

with a little moxieI’m going to try to catch up in the next little while with the With a Little Moxie Summer Blog Hop.

(Confession: I was trying to do that last week, too, until I realized that I was answering a prompt for a previous summer’s blog hop. Oops.)

This week I’ve got it together, and I’m starting off with the first prompt for this summer’s With a Little Moxie Blog Hop. Meriah Nichols has come up with…

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On Faith and Intellectually Disabled People: Jesus Saves

On Faith and Intellectually Disabled People: Jesus Saves

intellectually disabledI was coming out of an odd space, spiritually, going into my AVM surgery.

I was raised in the Anglican church, which has historically been relatively liberal as the Christian denominations go. However, the congregation in which I spent my teenage years had decidedly Pentecostal leanings – very un-Anglican, where the joke used to go that when people ask “Are you saved?” we’re genuinely confused…

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Disability Visibility Project Underway

Disability Visibility Project Underway

disability visability projectIn celebration of the American with Disability Act’s 25th anniversary, disability advocate (and all-around awesome person) Alice Wong and National Public Radio’s StoryCorps have launched the Disability Visibility Project.

People in the disability community are invited to schedule an interview time at one of StoryCorp’s three locations, or at one of the mobile locations across the country, so that…

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Happy Canada Day!

canada dayThis is my third Canada Day post.

Along the themes of my other Canada Day posts, I’d like to reiterate how lucky I am, as someone who’s needed a lot of medical treatment, to live in Canada. Cost wasn’t a factor in my decision (and ultimately, as I had next to no money when I discovered that I’d need brain surgery, my family’s decision) to have my AVM treated.

Heck, I could barely have afforded…

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When “Disabled” is a Dirty Word…Thoughts on Terminology

When “Disabled” is a Dirty Word…Thoughts on Terminology

disabledI’ve been part of a discussion in an online group of disability advocates, most of them disabled themselves, about disability terminology. The specific question posed was: Are we disabled or impaired?

I don’t know any of these people very well. They all seem very nice and very committed to what they do, and I enjoy hearing their perspectives. But the discussion has left me confused. My takeaway…

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Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

balloonsI like the end of May and beginning of June because I get to post about 2 cool things fairly close to each other – my yearly stroke update and my blogaversary post!

GirlWithTheCane (the blog) is three years old today. I started it as something to do while I was looking for a job and it’s one of the most fulfilling personal projects that I’ve ever undertaken.  Not just because it’s writing, which…

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Ontario’s June 12th Election and “End The Wait”

Ontario’s June 12th Election and “End The Wait”

end the waitOntario, the province in which I currently live, is electing a new Premier on June 12.

Even if you’re not from Ontario (or not from Canada), you can pretty much guess the major issues around which this election revolves: jobs, taxes, transit and transportation, energy, education, social services, and health care. Here’s a cheat sheet on the major issues and the major parties’ position on each,…

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Fourteen Years Post-Stroke, It’s all Good

Fourteen Years Post-Stroke, It’s all Good

stroke2I was actually planning to write this post, my annual “anniversary of my brain surgery” post, right when I was supposed to this year – May 29. But then Joe Scarborough pissed me off and I got distracted. So my post about how it feels to be heading  into my 15th year as a stroke survivor is a little late.

I know that there are people who started reading this blog and following me on Twitter…

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